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The Four Steps to Fiber Service Process


1. Registration - Open Now

Registration for Fort Dodge Fiber started on April 1st 2022! This is an essential first step as we build the fiber optic network for our community. 


Registering at this point is free and does not obligate you to sign up for service when it becomes available, but it may mean waiting longer for service if you don't register. 


The initial project construction will move through the community installing main lines and individual drops. This process will ensure the project budget and timelines are met. 


During project construction, registered homes and businesses will be prepared for fiber optic connections. Each home or business will be individually surveyed to determine the best path for the fiber from the mainlines. 


If you would like the option of signing up for Fort Dodge Fiber when your neighborhood is hooked up, register your home or business today!

2. Evaluation - Beginning Late Summer 2022

During evaluation, your home or business will be surveyed to determine the best path for your fiber optic cable to travel. We will also determine where equipment needs to be located to ensure the best possible experience for you when data starts traveling through the fiber.


It is important to determine how your home or business will connect to the lightning-fast fiber optic network that will serve Fort Dodge.


The process of registration and evaluation does not require you to sign up for service, and during the initial construction phase, there is no cost to you. Only when services are available will you need to decide if you want services from Fort Dodge Fiber and how much you want to spend.

3. Invitation - Beginning Fall 2022

As we near the completion of the network in your area, you will be invited to sign up for the Fort Dodge Fiber products and services you’d like. 


At this point, you’ve already taken the necessary steps to ensure your home or business is ready for fiber (Steps 1 and 2). Now it's time to decide if you want Fort Dodge Fiber (you will) and what connection speed best suits your needs.


Start with Real GIG to get the lightning-fast internet this network was built for. Or choose Real 100 and enjoy browsing on a powerful symmetrical network. No matter what you choose, Fort Dodge Fiber will be there with Real Internet connections and hometown service.

4. Installation - Expected to Begin 2023

When your area is operational, we will reach out and schedule a convenient time to have your Fort Dodge Fiber services installed. 


Specially trained Fort Dodge Fiber technicians will bring your unique fiber optic strand to your home or business, connect it to the network, and test everything to make sure it performs exactly as designed.


We will install a state-of-the-art gateway providing you with the best connection to our fiber optic network. The Fort Dodge Fiber technicians will answer any questions about your Real Internet or Real Voice connections and ensure you have the best possible connection to Fort Dodge Fiber.


Building this city wide, state-of-the-art network will take some time, but it will be done soon, and we will all be enjoying reliable, lightning-fast connection built for Fort Dodge!


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