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Terms & Conditions

Registration does not commit you to purchase services.

By registering for Fort Dodge Fiber, you are providing permission for construction crews to install a fiber optic service line to your home or business. This service line will be installed at no cost to the property owner during the construction phase.  Your registration does NOT commit you to purchasing services from Fort Dodge Fiber, but it will enable you to have services installed in a timely manner if you do choose Fort Dodge Fiber services. If you do not register your property for Fort Dodge Fiber, a fiber optic service line will not be installed during the construction phase. If you choose to have a line installed after the construction phase has ended, you may be required to pay for service line installation or wait until installation crews are available. The presence of a fiber optic service line at a property has been shown to increase property values up to 3.1%* as fiber service has become a requirement for many home buyers. *Reference link:


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