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Register your home or business address to let us know you would like a fiber service drop installed at your location.

Follow theses steps to enjoy our

community-built fiber network

Together we're building an ultrafast fiber-optic network that connects Fort Dodge to the world and the future! Building this network takes skill and patience as we work to connect every resident and business in Fort Dodge. Along the way, we will ask for your help getting your home or business ready to Welcome Limitless Possibilities!

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This is your community-built fiber network delivering tomorrow's possibilities. Use the internet network you own to power every application in your home or business, every day and all the time. With Real Internet you’re not just a consumer of downloadable content, you are ready to create a new future for yourself and all of us. With Real Voice you’ve got all the benefits of a traditional landline but carried over strands of glass fiber that have set the standard for reliability.

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The real future is about getting the real speeds you’re buying, where gig is a Real Gigabit. Your network opens the door to real possibilities for growth and a better future. Join the movement to be an active creator in the fast lane with no speed bumps and no stop signs. It’s all about being connected with the world you’re shaping.

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Real voice is about the connections we forge when family and friends converse. When keyboards and screens have reached their limits, REAL VOICE offering full landline features will share the joys and tears that make life real.

Get the best value for your business with our Real Biz Bundles. All bundles include two phone lines and internet service. Whether you're a small business or a larger company with multiple locations, we're ready to set you up with the best connections available in Fort Dodge. Your technology should never slow down your productivity -- get services your business can depend on.

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