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Internet Services

Fiber is the most reliable and fastest connection to the internet giving you limitless possibilities. Imagine what you can do with Real Gig internet service from Fort Dodge Fiber. Go ahead …

chat, game, shop, stream, zoom. You’ll have plenty of bandwidth so everyone in your home can connect to everything — all at once!

Every plan comes with unlimited data. That means there’s no reason to worry about overages resulting in additional charges or slower speeds.

Real5Gig_Real 5 Gig Home.png

5000 Mbps (5 Gbps) download and upload speeds with unlimited data


500 Mbps download and upload speeds with unlimited data



1000 Mbps (1 Gbps) download and upload speeds with unlimited data



100 Mbps download and upload speeds with unlimited data


Optional Add Ons
WiFi Gateway

Includes WiFi 6 gateway and home network management app


WiFi Extender

To extend WiFi coverage for larger homes


IP address



Register Now!

INTERESTED? Take the first step and register! There's no obligation and no billing until services are available and you have confirmed the services you want to receive.

Voice Services

Want the convenience of landline service? You got it! Real Talk from Fort Dodge Fiber is a reliable locally backed voice service you can count on. The monthly rate includes all these great features, too:

  • Anonymous Call Rejection

  • Call Forward Busy

  • Call Forward Don't Answer

  • Call Forward Variable

  • Call Screening (Selective Call Rejection)

  • Call Transfer

  • Call Waiting

  • Call Waiting ID

  • Caller ID Name & Number

  • Collect Call Block

  • Continuous Redial

  • Call Hunting

  • Dual Ring

  • Last Call Return/ Callback

  • Long Distance Alert

  • Priority Call

  • Remote Access Call Forward Variable

  • Selective Call Forward

  • Three-Way Calling

  • Toll Blocking

  • Voice Mail


Unlimited local and long distance calling within the continental U.S.

Unlimited calling features



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