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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the project timeline?

1. Construction Prep

Network engineering is in process as crews map and develop final plans to begin laying fiber.

*Service start dates are subject to change due to possible delays, such as weather and available crews.

Cabinet boundaries and their applicable addresses are subject to change during the design process. These changes are made based on the most suitable fiber route and costs associated with the route. These are preliminary timelines and are subject to change and FDF is not liable for changes.


2. Registration Began

Since April 1, 2022 Fort Dodge residents and business owners can register their property addresses for installations of fiber service lines.


3. Construction Begins

Starting in the Summer of 2023, crews begin installation of underground conduit, fiber lines, and other facilities throughout the community.


4. Testing & Initial Service Sign-Ons

As network construction continues, a limited number of customers will begin to receive internet and phone services late Summer 2023


5. Service Area Expands

In 2023-2024 additional areas of the community will see service as construction moves forward.


*Weather and other unforeseen factors can impact timeline.

Will there be data limits on Fort Dodge internet service?

All Fort Dodge Fiber internet plans will include UNLIMITED data. You’ll have plenty of bandwidth for all your surfing and streaming needs. There's no reason to worry about overages resulting in additional charges or slower speeds.

Why isn’t Fort Dodge Fiber offering cable TV service?

Providing a traditional cable TV service would have represented a major financial investment for a service that is declining in popularity. We’ve decided to provide the best possible internet connectivity and let each customer decide which streaming service is best for their family’s entertainment needs.

I have satellite TV. Can I keep it and still get internet service from Fort Dodge Fiber?

Absolutely! Since Fort Dodge Fiber will not be offering TV services, we encourage our future customers to choose the video service that is best for their needs, whether it be satellite services, streaming services, antennas or other services.


Will Fort Dodge Fiber service be reliable?

Yes! Fiber networks are, by their very nature, extremely reliable. There are fewer things that can go wrong in a fiber network that can cause a service interruption. Of course, there are some interruptions that can’t be planned for, such as someone cutting a buried fiber cable accidentally. That’s why Fort Dodge Fiber will have a dedicated, well-trained local staff to handle any issues that arise immediately. You won’t wait days for repairs with Fort Dodge Fiber!


Will there be a contract for service?

No – Fort Dodge Fiber will not require a contract for service. We're so confident in the quality of our services that if you're not satisfied, you're free to switch providers with no early termination fees. However, charges will continue until all equipment is returned to our Customer Experience Center at 617 Central Avenue, Fort Dodge.

How much will it cost to have a fiber service drop installed at my home or business?

During the construction phase, installation of the fiber service line and whatever services you choose will be at no cost to our customers.

I have been offered a deal from my existing provider. Should I sign a new contract?

If you're planning on making the switch to Fort Dodge Fiber, we encourage you to avoid signing any new agreements with other providers. This ensures there's no delay when Fort Dodge Fiber is available in your neighborhood.


Can I use my own wireless router?

A WiFi Gateway will be available through Fort Dodge Fiber, however you will be able to use your own WiFi router if you choose. The technician will be able to help you set up the system at the time of installation. If you choose to use the Fort Dodge Fiber WiFi Gateway, you’ll have the additional benefit of remote support whenever an issue arises.

Will Fort Dodge Fiber be available outside the city limits?

Fort Dodge Fiber is only being built inside Fort Dodge city limits. The good news is that people living just outside of the city limits will likely have access to fiber service in the future offered by one of the area’s independent broadband providers. These providers have received state grant funding to build out their networks and will be contacting eligible addresses when their projects get underway.


Other Questions?

Talk to our local customer care team.

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Our Customer Experience Center is open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm

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