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Real Fiber Internet

Fast, Reliable, Affordable


This is your community-built fiber network.

Fiber is the most reliable and fastest connection to the internet, giving you limitless possibilities. Imagine what you can do with Real Gig Internet service from Fort Dodge Fiber. Go ahead …

chat, game, shop, stream, zoom. You’ll have plenty of bandwidth so everyone in your home can connect to everything — all at once!

Every plan comes with unlimited data. That means there’s no reason to worry about overages resulting in additional charges or slower speeds.

Real5Gig_Real 5 Gig Home_white.png


5000 Mbps (5 Gbps) download and upload speeds with unlimited data



1000 Mbps (1 Gbps) download and upload speeds with unlimited data




500 Mbps download and upload speeds with unlimited data




100 Mbps download and upload speeds with unlimited data


Fiber internet plans built for every need.

Customize your service plan.

Worry-Free Wi-Fi $10/mo.
Control your entire network with the Customer Network Management App
  • Monitor your internet performance.

  • View what devices are currently using your network.

  • Turn off/on access for specific devices and take control of screen time.

  • Improved technical support allows our technicians to remotely navigate your gateway for trouble shooting if needed.

Texting on Mobile Phone
Select Worry-Free Wi-Fi and receive:​
  • Customer Network Management App
  • Service technician visit at no charge to customer

  • One Wi-Fi Extender for enhanced coverage.

WiFi Extender $5/mo. ea.
  • Per additional WiFi Extender per month beyond one. Requires Worry-Free Wi-Fi

Static IP Address $10/mo. ea.
  • A work from home essential!

Home Theater Family
Image by Dimitris Chapsoulas

Never sign a contract, plus other great perks.

Symmetrical Upload & Download

Upload Speed

Upload speed is how fast you can send information. Online gaming, video calls, and live streaming are key examples of upload speed, sending information from your device to the internet.

Download Speed

Download speed is how fast you receive information from the internet. Have you ever been watching a movie that stops to load? That is due to poor download speed.

No Contracts

Unlimited Data

Comprehensive Prices

Local Customer Service


Data Use

It’s easy for a home to require 100 Mbps or more.
When deciding on a service plan it is important to account for all of those smart devices you passively have running: locks, appliances, security cameras, lighting, speakers and more. The small things can really add up. 

Kbbs= Kilobytes per second, the amount of data being transferred by the device.  

Mbps = Megabytes per second, the amount of data being transferred by the device.

8 Kbps   

  • Smart Watch

320 Kbps   

  • Wireless Speaker System

512 Kbps    

  • Home Assistant

1 Mbps    

  • Phones on Wi-Fi

2 Mbps    

  • Smart Doorbell

6 Mbps    

  • Streaming internet radio

  • Baby-monitoring device connected to mobile phones

  • Three-way video chatting with family around the country

  • Smart Thermostat

  • Outdoor Home Security System

8 Mbps    

  • Fiber-connected Smart Fridge

12 Mbps    

  • Teleconferencing with colleagues

  • Wi-Fi enabled Washer and Dryer

25 Mbps    

  • Connected 4K TV

50 Mbps    

  • AR/VR Home Gaming System

Image by ian dooley

What will you do with real fiber internet?

Support your  
Smart Home.

The little things add up. Smart speakers, appliances, TVs, phones, and more use data. Make sure you have the data to support all your needs.

smart home.png
smart home.png
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