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Fort Dodge Fiber Newsletters

January 2024

All of us at Fort Dodge Fiber wish you a Happy New Year! We are grateful for over 6,000registrations and the amazing customers that we have.

December 2023

Fort Dodge Fiber crews are working hard this year to get the infrastructure to as many homes as
possible in the first and second zones of service. With winter approaching, our crews will continue to
do as much as possible until they simply can’t anymore.

November 2023

Fiber drops are happening now in Cabinets 17, 19, 25, 27, 29. Conduit only drops are happening in Cabinet 24. Once service is available, you will receive a phone call from our Customer Experience Center staff to schedule your installation.

October 2023

Fort Dodge Fiber has had a very busy construction season and we are pleased to have over 150 happy customers and seeing more registrations coming in each day!

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