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Residential Fiber Voice Services

Stay connected, always.

UNLIMITED local and long distance calling.

within the continental U.S.

Want the convenience of landline service? You got it! Real Talk from Fort Dodge Fiber is a reliable, locally-backed voice service you can count on. 

Standard or Premium, the choice is yours.

Fort Dodge Fiber has built every service to give you options. If you have questions or need help deciding which plan is best for your home, contact our local customer care team. We're always happy to help. 

Battery Backup +$4/mo.

Never worry about how strong your service is; you'll always be connected when you add battery backup. The battery back-up provides up to 8-hours of back-up power to the ONT/Gateway. Customers with Life Alert must have a battery back-up. 

Unlimited local and long distance calling within the continental U.S.

$20/mo. per line

Unlimited local and long distance calling within the continental U.S.

PLUS  HomeXtend App 

$25/mo.per line

All the features you want, at no extra charge.

Available Standard Calling Features 
  • Anonymous Call Rejection 

  • Caller ID 

  • Caller ID Delivery Blocking 

  • Call Forward Always, No Answer, Not Reachable 

  • Call Return 

  • Call Waiting 

  • Call Hold 

  • Do Not Disturb 

  • Speed Dial 

  • 3-Way Calling 

  • Voice Mail 

HomeXtend with Real Talk Premium

The HomeXtend mobile app, included with Real Talk Premium, offers several features to compliment your home phone service. Available for iOS and Android 

HomeXtend Mobile App

  • Place calls that appear to come from your residential line. 

  • Answer calls that arrive at your residential line. 

  • Configuring your residential line features including Call Forwarding options, Call Waiting and Do Not Disturb. 

HomeXtend Calling Features

  • Sequential Ring 

  • Simultaneous Ring 

  • Selective Call Acceptance 

  • Selective Call Rejection 

  • Distinctive Ring

Landline service provides phone access for every member of the family.

Landline services provide easy, shared phone access for every family member. When too much time passes between visits, it's important to stay connected.

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